The End

Well, like all good things have to come to an end. This project is no different, but fear not, it’s not dead, well maybe sort of. The mission statement hasn’t changed, and the purview has been expanded, which was something I’d always wanted to do. ┬áSo I refer you now to what is a work … Continue reading


Silent Hill: Where Every Day is Ash Wednesday

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! And what better way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but with a review of a video-game adaptation that has absolutely nothing in common with Guy Fawkes, 2006’s Silent Hill   Wow, that’s creepy. Let’s get to this. Davis Films, eh? They’re behind the Resident Evil films, so there’s that I hope … Continue reading

The Marines: We’ll Pretty Much Take Anyone By 2046. (Doom)

Happy Halloween Eve! Due to Netflix not delivering this film the first time, there was a scheduling snafu which led to Bloodrayne coming before this installment. God news, if everything goes well, tomorrow’s entry Silent Hill should be on schedule for Halloween! That having been said, we’ll go back in time to 2005’s Doom, which … Continue reading

I Think Kinglsey Forgot His Wig. Wait, Keep Filming? O.K. You’re The Doctor. (Bloodrayne)

I Think Kinglsey Forgot His Wig. Wait, Keep Filming? O.K. You’re The Doctor. (Bloodrayne)

Oh Uwe Boll, I can’t seem to quit you. ┬áSure there are other video-game adaptations I’ve been watching, but none seem to have the bizarre charm and delightful ineptitude of an Uwe Boll film. It is with great pleasure that we leave Doom behind, and find ourselves in care of the Ed Wood of video-game … Continue reading

So You Say It’s A Bad Thing To Lose All The Orphans At The Same Time? (Alone In The Dark)

Yay! The second adaptation from that noted auteur Uwe Boll. This is also an adaptation of a game I hadn’t (and still haven’t) played. I am speaking of course of 2004’s take on…. Yes indeed, it’s the super scary, fraught with tension, and all that good stuff. It’s Alone In The Dark. No better way … Continue reading

Poor Urban Planning In Racoon City (Resident Evil: Apocalypse)

From last week’s zombie movie, let’s mix things up with…wait for it… Keep waiting…. That’s right..another zombie movie, but have solace, this particular zombie movie is based on something better than House Of The Dead. Previously on Resident Evil… Hey, Matt was an environmentalist? I barely remember his name. So, they’re re-opening The Hive to … Continue reading